Nursery Stock

We offer a variety of nursery stock available at any time for pick up or delivery. We also have a large selection of landscape trees available, please call for details.

  • Conifer – means cone bearer; conifers produce their seeds in cones. Most conifers are evergreen because they hold their needles
  • Deciduous -plants which shed their leaves annually. Deciduous trees include the broadleaf Maples, Oaks, Poplars and Elms Available in One Gallon and Two Gallon Pots are the following:
  • Colorado Blue Spruce – Blue to semi blue in colour. This tree species is extremely hardy and durable. Excellent ornamental tree – deer proof. S trong hardy grower. Green to semi-blue in colour. Excellent windbreak. Very suitable for parks and commercial landscaping
  • White Pine – Very soft rich green needles. Rapid growth forms an open conical shape. This tree does well on lighter more arid soil.
  • Mugho Pine – A compact dense shrub that is used in foundation plantings. Low level ground cover.
  • Austrian Pine – A hardy tree and can withstand city conditions. This tree does well on light soils and has long large needles.
  • Balsam Fir – Lush bright green needles. Ornamental tree. Good back drop tree adjacent to fences, walls and neighbors. Popular as a Christmas tree.
  • Fraser Fir – A specimen evergreen with deep glossy green to blue foliage.
  • Black Spruce – Light green needles, slow growing, requires very little maintenance. Adapts well to most soils.
  • Norway Spruce – Rapid growing tree. Used well as windbreak or specimen. Light green with very short needles.
  • Serbian Spruce – A very attractive ornamental spruce that has silvery green to blue-green needles. A desirable lawn specimen.
  • White Birch – Very attractive main steam, provides white colour year round. Green oval shape leaves. Does well in a clump or single steam.
  • Sugar (Hard Maple) – A large tall growing tree. Provides excellent shade and good fall colour. Maple syrup producing tree.

We also have Mulch and Cedar Wood Chips Available.